Here’s all you need to know about Cat Body Language

Do you want to understand your cat’s body language? If you are a cat lady then you probably know what every meow means and that your cat does talks to you. Learning about cat body language is all about translating those meows into words. Common cat language is composed of their adorable meows, body movements and much more.

This article is all about some cat body language so that you know your cat better.

Cat Body Language

Cat Body Language

  • When their ears are bend slightly forward: This is the time when your cat is feeling playful or curious. When you introduce them to a new toy, you will see them exhibiting this behavior.
  • When their ears are straight and upright: This is when they are agile and alert because they have spotted something.
  • When their ears are towards back or flat: This means that they are scared or are very angry. This is often the case with new cats.
  • When they are slowly blinking their eyes: You must be a lucky person to receive slow blinks or air kisses from your cat. In the cat world this means that your cat loves you.
  • When their pupils are dilated: You kitten is surely excited about something. However, if your cat is behaving in an aggressive manner then with dilated pupils then it means that they are scared.
  • When you cat is wagging tail: Unlike dogs this is a sign that your cat is infuriated and frustrated with you. You might want to stay from him.

When your cat is lying on his back with belly exposed

This is a time when you know that your cat trusts you and this doesn’t mean that you should go and rub its belly. But if it’s growling while lying on its back then it might be ready to attack.

When your kitty has an arched back

This is a sign that your kitty wants you to pet or cuddle. But, if you see bristled hair with arched back then it means that they are angry or upset.

So, these were some examples which will help you understand your cat better. Quickly check out these cat body language examples and know what your feline baby is trying to tell you.