Cat Body Language: 10 interesting ways in which Cats Communicates to You

Knowing a cat’s body language is an essential part of owning a pet cat. Cats have specific body language by which they communicate with their owners. We hear many owners complaining that they can’t bond with their cats, but the secret lies in understanding their body language.

Hence, we have compiled a list of cat’s body language that could help you know what your feline baby is trying to say:

A list of Cat’s Body Language you should know

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The Belly expose

When your cat exposes their stomach, that means they are comfortable around you and can trust you. However, many cats don’t like a belly rub when they are on their back. It might mean that they want to relax and not get a belly rub.

The eyes contraction and dilation

When you see a contraction of eyes, your cat is alert, playful, and excited. Sometimes during playtime, you might notice the contraction as your cat might get too excited.
On the other hand, the dilation of eyes is a sign that your cat is in a mood for relaxation, love, or they might be frightened of something or someone. Mostly they are relaxed, but if they are afraid, you will notice them hiding.

The slow blink

The part of a cat’s body language to say I love you is the slow blink. You might see your cat blinking at you, but it is a way for your cat to adore you and show affection.

The cat hiss and growl

When your cat is afraid of something and trying to protect themselves and you, they will let out a hiss or a growl. Cats mostly make this sound to scare their predators. However, if a house cat makes these sounds, they are probably scared of someone or something.

The Quivering Tail

Sometimes cats get so excited that their tail starts vibrating instead of a normal wag. Some owners get worried, but a quivering tail in a cat’s body language is a big friendly gesture.

The High Tail

Many new cat owners think that if their cat’s tail is high up in the air, the cat’s scared. However, it’s the exact opposite.
Cats put up their tail high when they are happy and confident.

The Ear Movement

If you are talking about something, and you see your cat’s ear move, that means they are listening to you.

The Head Rub

If your cat rubs their head around your leg, congratulations, your cat has adopted you! No, but sincerely, cats rub their head to mark territory or to show affection.

The Curl

If your cat is all curled up, it either means that they are relaxed or feeling cold. However, it is a sense of comfort cats feel from curling up.

The Body Rub

A cat’s body language has many ways to show affection, and the body rub is one of them. They will rub their body against their leg and might sometimes purr too. It is the ultimate way of saying I love You in cat language.

Why do cats sleep with you?

Cats generally love sleeping with their owner because they feel comfortable around them.

Do cats like physical affection like hugs and kisses?

Unlike the popular notion, many cats love physical acts of hugs and kisses. However, it depends on their personalities.

A cat’s body language is interesting, and it gets better with every moment you spend with your little furbabies. As you both spend time together, you will notice them trusting you, and soon you will receive the iconic slow blinks too.

Do cats understand human body language?

Though they might not completely understand the human body language, cats understand the behavioral pattern of their humans.

Do cats have a favorite person?

Often we see that cats do have a favorite person, and they make sure that everyone knows who that is by hanging out with them all the time.

Is it easy to train a cat?

You can train a cat at home. All you need is some patience, some cat treats, and love.

Should we exercise our cats?

It is essential for you to give some exercises to your cat. If they don’t receive enough playtime, they might become overweight.