Caring for your hamsters, 8 easy tips to ace it

Sugar, spice, and everything sweet, and that is how your life will be when you get hamsters as pets. Hamsters are the best choice as a beginner-friendly pet. If you are looking for a cute pet, but at the same time, they don’t eat up your time, hamsters are your answer. Though they live a short life, you can ensure they live the best of it by caring for your hamsters.
Caring for your hamsters is essential as their health depends upon it. Many pet parents don’t go through the basics before adopting hamsters. But, to help you out with it, we have some tips that you can use to care for your hamsters.

Caring for your hamsters made easy

Alone or Together

Make sure that if you are getting more than one hamster, they get along with each other. Or adopt a dwarf hamster who is friendlier.
You can adopt a single hamster if you want. And don’t worry, your hamster will not get alone if you give it some time.

Cages keep them safe

Caring for your hamsters means switching to a better cage. If you are keeping a single hamster, you will need the size medium. And if you are bringing more than one, you will need a coop suitable for the number of hamsters you are adopting.
Make sure the cage is large enough to keep the bedding, food, toys, and hamsters.

Placing the cage

You have to ensure that your hamster gets some sunlight, but not too much. You can keep your hamsters near a window or somewhere breezy. Kindly make sure that the place has the right temperature for your hamsters to survive.

Picking and Cuddling

Though hamsters are sociable creatures and love cuddling, you might have to wait before giving them a hug. Since the home is a new environment for your hamsters, you don’t want to scare them by constantly picking and cuddling.
While caring for your hamsters, you also have to make sure that they are comfortable.

A big no to bathing

Hamsters are creatures that can clean themselves without any help, like rabbits and cats. If they are dirty, you can clean your hamster by soaking a towel and tapping it lightly to the body.

Clean bedding for proper health

One thing that you have to do while caring for your hamsters is clean their bedding. It is best if you clean the bedding once a week and the cage once a month.
If the bedding becomes too dirty, it is time to get a new one.

Food and Water

Hamsters eat hay, fruits, and some pellets. You can also give them eggs, rice, nuts occasionally. The food and water should be fresh to ensure the health of your pet. Kindly don’t feed them onions, grapes, garlic, and mushrooms as it is harmful to your pet.


Can we hold a hamster?

You can hold a hamster as long as you’re not hurting them. Make sure you pick lightly so that your hamsters are comfortable.

Can I cuddle my hamster?

Yes, you can cuddle your hamster as long as you are not hugging too tight. Nevertheless, Hamsters love cuddling with their owners.

Why are my hamsters staring at me?

It is a way of showing affection and love. Just like a cat’s body language, hamsters stare means I love you in their language.

Should I let my hamster out of the cage?

You can let your hamster out of the cage only if you pet-proof the house. Kindly make sure they don’t run off somewhere or bite something hazardous.

Though caring for your hamsters is an effortless task, make sure you cater to their needs. Hamsters come into your life to bring joy, and we know that you won’t be able to stop cuddling them.