Caring For your Fennec fox made easy

Drop the old misconception that tells you that caring for a fennec fox can be troublesome. On the contrary, caring for a fennec fox is a lot easier than what the internet tells you. Though people will try to convince you that taking care of a fennec fox is a Herculean task, you have to keep in mind that keeping any pet will require some amount of hard work, whether it’s a dog or a fennec fox. So, if you are someone who adores these cute little fennec fox and want to bring them as pets, then you will need a guide on how to care for your fennec fox. Congratulations, because you have made it to the right page! After talking to some experts, we bring you some FAQs and a guide on caring for your fennec fox as pets. 

Is it hard to keep a Fennec Fox as a pet? 

Fennec fox is a smart and intelligent creature, so it won’t be hard for you to keep them as pets. The only problem you might face to keep Fennec Fox as pets will be trying to adjust them to the household. 

Can I keep a wild Fennec Fox at my home? 

Since Fennec Fox is a friendly creature, you can keep a wild one at home. But you will have to vaccinate them and take proper care so that they don’t carry any infection at home. 

How long to a Fennec Fox lives? 

In the wild, Fennec Fox can survive up to 11 years. However, when you keep them at home and give them proper care, they can live up to 15 years. 

Care for your Fennec Fox like a pro!

If you are adopting a wild Fennec Fox, make sure you separate them from other house animals

A wild Fennec Fox can get anxious you introduce them to a new environment. And that can trigger anxiety resulting in poor health. To avoid that, you can give them a separate room that can help them adjust. Kindly keep them away from other pets at home so that they don’t feel frightened at their welcoming home. 

Make sure you give them proper food

Fennec fox has a strong stomach and, you won’t have to run any difficult errands to feed them properly. If you have a dog or cat food at home, you can give it to them. Apart from that, Food for Fennec foxes can include boiled meat, eggs, rice, veggies, and fruits. 

You should purchase a crate for your Fennec fox

Fennec fox can be notorious when left alone. If you want to ensure that your Fennec fox does nothing that can be dangerous for their lives, you should get a cage for a Fennec Fox ideal for their size. When you are away, keep them in the cage until they are adult enough to understand what’s good for them. 

Fennec foxes are nocturnal creatures, so you have to cater to their needs during the nighttime

Most Fennec foxes stay awake during the night and will require fresh water and maybe some food. It is not possible for you to get up and cater to their needs. So it’s better that you keep some fresh food, water, and a toy to play with as a distraction so that they won’t disturb your sleep. After a few weeks, your Fennec fox will adapt to a normal schedule, so you won’t have to face this issue for long. 

Don’t leave them alone for long hours for the first few weeks of their arrival

Whether they are wild fennec fox or well-bred ones, make sure you don’t leave them alone, at least for the first few weeks. Keeping an eye on them will help you set up a proper eating and bedtime schedule. Moreover, you will have to look after their urinary needs for the first few weeks as they will need time to adjust according to the place. 

Keep them away from jumping over the fences and digging the grounds

Fennec foxes are curious animals. They will want to explore beyond the walls and depths of the ground. Though that is not a bad thing, they might get hurt in that process. They can get scratches or catch an infection or might even get lost from their home if they jump off the fence and run away. Hence, to avoid these and care for your fennec fox, you should avoid letting them off the hook and do something that might hurt your pets. 

Caring for Fennec fox is not a mighty task, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore their needs. Just like any other animals, fennec foxes need a proper family that can care for them. Hence, if you are one of those who can help these fennec fox gain a loving home, you should definitely adopt one. And take our word for it, they will always let you go in aww with their behavior.