Common Mistakes You Can Make When Caring For Rabbits

Rabbits are really sensitive animals. Do, you own a Rabbit? If yea, then you should now about Caring for Rabbits. While they are quite similar behaviour wise to Cats, however, they respond differently. Understand your bunny is the key Caring for Bunny. While Many Kids love Bunnies, however Taking Care of Pet Rabbits isn’t really a job meant for kids. Rabbits are a huge responsibility and require constant care and attention. If you do not give that care and respect to a Rabbit they might turn out to be hostile or even get aggressive towards you. Always keep in mind that any change in Rabbit behaviour is not a personality trait and it’s something of a defence mechanism. So, here are some tips on Caring for Rabbits, you’ll find helpful.

Image by <a href="">Alexas_Fotos</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Caring For Rabbits

Get a big Cage for your Bunny

Bunnies need their space to move around in the cage. So, consider getting a big sized cage and also one which has a huge door. When you buy a Cage with a narrow entrance, it becomes difficult to interact with the rabbit and they tend to feel threatened and push you away. So, be careful of that!

Consider Keeping them Indoors

It is true that Rabbits that are kept outdoors, live only half of their lifespan. It’s sad because you got them as a family member and now when you leave them out on the porch and hardly care for them, they too feel sad. Although Rabbits love to be aloof, however being outdoors, they are exposed to so many dangers. You have no idea how aggressive Dogs get when they spot a Rabbit and this harms the Psyche of a Rabbit greatly. Many Rabbits even die out of shock. Moreover, extreme temperatures are also harmful for Rabbits. When they are kept outdoors they could suffer from Heatstroke or even get attacked by lice. So, consider keeping them indoors.

Bunny is not a Pet for Kids

Most Parents give Bunnies as a Birthday present to their Kids. However, Bunnies are a huge responsibility and Kids should never be allowed to start with Bunnies. They need a lot of care and nurture, which is impossible for Kids to keep track of.

Do not feed them a lot of Carrots

While Carrots and Rabbits might seem inseparable, overeating Carrots will harm your Bunny. Carrots are high in Sugar and Calcium. So, only give them a bite-sized Carrot every day as a special treat.

Fruits should be given as Occasional Treat

While we might think that Fruits and Veggies are a great diet for Rabbits, it’s actually not. Apart from Hay, which they should actually consume a lot, Fruits and Veggies should only be given as an occasional treat.

Consider Spaying or Neutering you Bunny

While you might think this is unnecessary, it is very important. Spaying or Neutering will calm down your bunny and make work a lot easier for you. Or else, you might have to encounter a hyperactive Bunny every day and it’s hard to deal with them at this stage.

Rabbits do not love Cuddling

Rabbits are unlike other Pets. They are more of an aloof Pet. However, if you want to Cuddle your bunny, you need to take it slow. You can start by first putting your hand on his head or on his sides and check his reaction. If he is pushing you away or nudging you, he doesn’t want to be cuddled. However, keep repeating the step and be gentle, if your Bunny will like it, he will let you know by allowing you to continue cuddling them or stroking them.

Be Extracareful with Petstore Rabbit Treats

This is very important. Most Rabbit owners, tend to get lured by colourful Bunny treats, which are available in the stores today. I think it’s really wrong on their part to even sell these things. These colourful Pet treats are extremely harmful and cause all kinds of indigestion and other problems in Rabbits. So, stick to Veggies or Fruits as an occasional treat and avoid Pet store treats.

Do not Bathe your Bunny

Rabbits are mostly clean because they are Self Grooming animals. Rabbits do not like to take a Bath and you should not even attempt to. However, you can sometimes give them a Butt Bath only when it’s unclean, by just squishing some water on his Butt and he’ll like it. But, that’s it. You should not attempt to give a full bath to Bunnies.

So, these were some tips on Caring for Rabbits. Taking care of your Pet Rabbit will ensure that your Bunny has a long and healthy life with you and bonds well with you. Hope you found this article helpful.