Tips to Care for your Pet Degus like a Pro! 

Being a pet parent might be difficult, but not when it comes to caring for Degus as pets. Degus as pets are one of the most easygoing pets to care for at home. The reason being – Degus don’t have any demands because they are happy in their sweet little world. However, when you adopt a Degu, you should know how to care for your Degus as pets. A Degu can live up to 10 years, but if you don’t care for them properly, their life expectancy might decrease. Hence, we have done some hard work to help you care for your pet Degus. After conversing with some Degus pet parents and experts, we bring you a guide on how to care for your Degus as pets. 

Can a Degu live alone? 

Degus love socializing and won’t be able to survive alone. Hence, it is advisable to have them in pairs. If you keep a Degu alone, it might also get lonely, so always keep them together. 

Do Degus need a water bath? 

It is not advisable to bathe your Degu with water. Degus are capable of cleaning themselves with saliva and not water. 

Can I keep my Degu with other animals?

Since Degus are social creatures, they don’t face any problems adjusting to other animals in the house. You won’t even realize when your pets have become best friends. 


Tips to Care for your Pet Degus like a Pro! 

To care for your Degus, Always keep them together: 

You might not realize how essential it is for Degus to live together. Degus are happy and healthy only when they have a companion of their own. And a happy Degus, live a long life. Some pet parents also keep a group of Degus together because they are lively, and caring for them is easy.  

Replace water baths with dust baths: 

Degus can clean themselves up and won’t need a water bath. However, they need sand and dust to roll and clean themselves. Degus roll in the sand and then brush it off. It helps them to remove all the dirt and harmful bacterias from their body. Prepare cardboard full of sand and dust your Degus will need, and place it inside the cage once or twice a week. 

A large cage for a small pet: 

Though Degus are small in size, they will need a large cage to live together. The coop should be big enough to allow space for eating, playing, bathing, and sleeping. A large cage will also help you effectively care for your Degus as pets because it gets easier to clean. 

A clean house equals a healthy Degu: 

Degus don’t create a mess or dirty their cage. However, you have to clean the cage once a month to keep your Degus free from any bacterial or fungal invasion. Cleaning their house will not take up much time as Degus are known for their tidiness. Kindly make sure to sanitize the cage so that it remains fresh for the next month. 

Hay should always be available for your Degus: 

You can feed your Degus with pellets, carrots, potato, beans, sweet potato, and some amount of boiled rice. Apart from these, some quantity of hay or grass should always be available for Degus. 

You don’t need to hamper your schedule to care for your Degus as pets. You need some tips we mentioned above and treat them with love. Once you adopt some Degus as pets, you won’t ever feel lonely. So why are you still reading? Fill your home with happiness and adopt a Degu!