Care for your pet Chameleon like a pro

So, you have bought your first pet Chameleon without studying them. Now what? Chameleons are unique pets, and not many know about them or their habits. Many pet lovers bring their chameleons before gaining proper knowledge about them. So, we bring you some exclusive information and FAQs on how to care for your pet Chameleon. Here, we try to prepare you to care for your chameleon beforehand.

Why is my Chameleon turning black in color?

Black is the color of distress. So, if your chameleon is turning black, that means they are anxious, stressed, or dying. Kindly note that sometimes your pet Chameleon will turn black while visiting a pet clinic because they might be feeling uncomfortable.

Is it easy to take care of a chameleon as a pet?

It is not easy to take care of a pet Chameleon. Chameleons are smart pets, but they require a lot more effort, supervision, and attention than any other pet.

How many times do I have to feed a baby Chameleon?

To care for a baby chameleon, you need to feed them six to seven times a day in small quantities. Baby Chameleons get hungry quite fast, so they will need food as soon as they are hungry.

Tips on how to care for your pet Chameleon

The insects you will feed them should be nutritious

Most of your Chameleon’s diet includes insects and worms. When you are feeding your Chameleons, you should take care that the insects are healthy and nutritious. Insects with no nutrition won’t provide any benefit to your Chameleon’s health.

Another point to note is that if your Chameleon is not eating any particular insect, take that insect out of the cage. If an uneaten insect stays for long, the cage will start smelling.

Make sure you have only one Chameleon per cage or home

Chameleons are very possessive and territorial about their area. Most chameleons, if kept together, start fighting, which ultimately results in injury or anxiety between them.

Hence, to avoid this kind of behavior, it is advisable that you get only one chameleon for your home.

Don’t pet your Chameleon too much

We know that you love taking care of your pet Chameleon and showering them with your love. But, Chameleons don’t like petting.

If you pet them against their wish, they are going to get stressed, and you will notice a color change in their skin.

So, it is best if you give your pet some time to adjust.

Install a misting machine for Chameleons

Chameleons won’t drink water from a bowl or plate. They drink water from droplets in leaves or branches. So, it is essential that you install a misting machine that will work to form droplets of water in the cage in plants, leaves, or branches. Misting will help them drink water with ease without getting disturbed.

It takes a lot to care for a Chameleon. That is why it is advisable that you shouldn’t get a chameleon if you are not ready for one. Most of the people take care of rescued chameleons, and some simply get them from foster care or breeders. No matter where you get them from, you have to dedicate your full devotion to your chameleon. We hope that this article helped you gather some information on how to take care of a chameleon. If you are still unsure, we recommend you talk to a vet or breeder before getting a pet chameleon.