8 Effective ways to bond with your Cat

Cats as pets are one of the most amazing companions to have by your side. Though there is a common misconception that cats are mean, this misconception is far from the truth. If you are a wonderful cat parent, your cat will love you. Nonetheless, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to create a lasting bond with your cat. As a pet parent, you should know how to bond with your cat so that your pet feels safe around you. So if you have just adopted a cat or about to, we have everything you need to know. Hence, we have arranged some tips and tricks used by cat parents and experts to help you create a lasting bond with your cat. 

Effective ways to bond with your Cat

How to create a lasting bond with your cat, a beginners guide

Space and some me-time: 

Unlike dogs, cats love having some space of their own. If you continually nudge them for attention, they might get irritated. Let the cat come to you after giving them some me-time. After all, we all need a little break, even cats. 

Read their body language: 

There are certain things you need to know about a Cat’s body language. All these body languages will help you understand how your cat is feeling at home. 

Bond over food: 

One of the first steps to create a lasting bond with your cat is to give them food. Make sure you know about the foods cats can eat before bringing them t home. Feeding a cat will automatically make them like you. 

Love and attention: 

Cats do need some space, but they also crave love and attention from their human companion. Petting can also help to ease an anxious cat. So shower your cats with love because that’s how you can bond with your cat. 

Play with them:

Playtime is an essential trick to bond with your cat as it also helps to fulfill the exercising needs of a cat. Playing with your cat can build trust and help your cat open up with you. 

Don’t be too strict: 

Sometimes while litter training or bathing the cats, some owners tend to be too strict. But, please make sure you don’t hurt them in any way. Though cats don’t hold any grudges, they have excellent memory power. If they see you scolding them too often, they will never bond with you.

 Don’t force them: 

Many pet parents make the mistake of forcing their kittens into petting or eating food. If you want to create a lasting bond with your cat, remember the number one rule of providing them space. If you force your cat into something, they will either get scared of you or won’t trust you enough. 

Patience is the key:

The phrase “Patience is the key to success” is precise while creating a bond with your cat. Some cats take longer to bond with their owners, but you can’t give up. Kittens can feel scared to move to a new house and a new family. Hence, it is your time to be patient while helping them bond with you and provide them a loving home. 

Creating a lasting bond with your cat can take up some of your time. But once your cat starts trusting you, they will love you with all your heart. So, be ready to receive some morning cuddles and some cat tantrums by your kittens.