What are the Best Pet Fishes?

So you have a new-found love for fishes. You want to have an aquarium in your house that has beautiful, colorful and gorgeous fishes. I get your point! After all, we all love having a small or a large aquarium with colorful fishes swimming in it. But if I ask you what are the fishes that you are going to buy, then I know you will be left confused and dumb-founded.

But, if I tell you about the Best Pet fishes, then you will be having a clear idea about what to ask the owner of the pet shop when you visit. You can pinpoint exactly what you want. So, let’s get started.

best pet fish

Best Pet Fishes that you should consider


Swordtail fishes are my favorite ones because they are peaceful, amiable and territorial at times. I really love these qualities in my fish. However, you have to be careful while choosing other fishes when buying swordtails. They are not aggressive but if you keep too many male fishes, they might show some aggression. Fishes like Angelfish, mollies are a god friend to swordtails.


The gorgeous orange and black color combination are so eye-catching and appealing that you would want to buy this fish from the moment you see it. There are many varieties of Rasboras and you can choose the one you like. These tiny fishes grow only 2-inches long and are really cute. You can easily find them in any pet store.


best pet fish

Goldfishes are a peaceful breed that needs not much care at all. They won’t become aggressive unless they are under stress. If you feel that your goldfish needs a friend then you can put at least 2 goldfish in one place.


Guppies can be a bit expensive depending on the variety that you choose. They cost somewhere between $30 to $60. Guppies do well in groups. Guppies require very little care. They will keep staying peacefully and you won’t have to worry about them.

Platy Fish

Angels, Swordtails, Molly fish, Tetras are a good tank mate for Platy fish. Generally, with Platy fish the females are longer than the males. The females are about 2.5 inches long while the males are 1.5 inches long. Platies can live alone as well as in the company of others.


Tetras are one of the most common fishes that you can consider. They are just as colorful and vibrant as Rasboras. The most common ones are Neon tetras, cardinal tetras, and Sunburst Orange Tetras. You can find them in a variety of colors – Blue, green, orange, Purple, Pink, Red, and Black.


Angelfishes are called the Opportunists of the Aquarium. They look for food and will eat anything that is suitable to go in their mouth. These fishes grow really large in size (up to 6-inches) and can live up to 10 years. You can put tetras, rasboras, and etc. with Angelfish. But, keep in mind that you cannot place more than 2-3 Angelfish in one place. They tend to get aggressive towards each other.

Molly Fish

Molly fish is the most friendly fish that you can buy for your fish tank. They bond well with Angelfish, Platies, Neon tetras, goldfish and etc. They live up to 1.5 years. They are also a very peaceful sort of fish. They are not aggressive at all.

best pet fish

So, these were the best Pet fishes that you can consider buying. These fishes will make sure that your home is a safe ground for happiness and a lot of fishy fun.