What are the birds that kids can keep? Read about the Best Pet Birds for Kids

So, you’ve decided to get a pet bird for your kiddo. right? But, have you read about the best pet birds for kids? In my opinion, you must carefully read about the various birds that kids can keep and then go ahead to buy one. When you decide on getting a pet bird to your home then look for things like how messy they can be, or how much of a responsibility they are. Also, keep an eye on the personality of the bird before you actually purchase it. Kids under 12 years of age must be careful while handling birds.

They shouldn’t shout or shriek near them or else they might scare them away. Kids must be taught how to clean the birdcage, how to gently talk to the bird, how to feed them and most importantly feed them regularly without fail. Though they might need a little adult supervision, once a kid bonds with a pet they’ll be friends for life. So, let’s quickly have a look at the best Pet Birds for Kids.

Best Pet Birds for Kids

#1 Finch or Canary

When I talk about best Pet Birds for Kids, it’s the finch or canary which comes first in my mind. They are quite less of responsibility as compared to a parrot and are mostly hand-off kind of pet. Finches make soothing musical sounds which are not as loud as parrots but is really cool if you live in a close neighborhood. But, don’t keep a Finch with a parrot.

The parrot might hurt the finch, Its best to keep the finch with two or more finches in a cage. Another important aspect of keeping a finch is knowing that you shouldn’t take the finch out of their cage. Hence if your kiddo wants a feathered pet whom he or she can interact with then finch isn’t such a good option. Rather go for a budgie instead.

#2 Cockatiel

I would suggest you go for Cockatiel only if you have a slightly older child. This is because Cockatiel is a bit of a responsibility. Things like cleaning the cage, interacting with them, cleaning the water regularly and providing them food needs some amount of responsibility.

However, if you can handle that with your kid then cockatiel is an excellent pet bird for kids. They can whistle, mimic and they just love to interact. They love to be touched and are responsive to the voices of their owners.

#3 Budgie

Budgies or Parakeets are an incredible pet bird for kids. They are extremely playful and loves to interact with humans. You can read books to your budgie, play soft songs, gently talk to them and even allow them to perch on your fingers. Budgies have an ear for catchy tunes. Hence you can even sing songs to them and within 1-2 weeks it will memorize your voice tone, words, tunes and will sing with you.

#4 Meyer’s Parrot

If you need a pet bird that needs little attention then go for this gentle, easy-going birdie named Meyer’s Parrot. They are a sort of bird that doesn’t need constant attention. They can entertain themselves by chewing a toy or watching everything around them. They are quite friendly and will easily bond with the entire family. And, once you become their friend, you’ll be their friend for life. They don’t necessarily sing but they can mimic the washing machine sound or microwave oven sound occasionally. They love being scratched on their head and neck. The best part is that they stay alive for 25 years so your kid can grow into adulthood with this birdie.

So, these were the best Pet Birds for Kids. I hope now you know what kind of birds kids can keep. The basic idea for buying a pet bird for kids is noticing how messy they can be and how much responsible your kid is. However, if you are willing to support your kiddo and help him or her walk through the responsibilities of a feathered pet then there can be nothing better than that.