What is the Best Diet for Mini Pigs – A Detailed Guide on Mini Pigs Food

Mini Pigs or Micro Pigs Diet should be primarily a Protein and Fibre based diet. However, most of the times we make a mistake of feeding high sugar food to them so that they gain weight quickly. This will affect their health. Confused about what is the perfect Mini Pigs Food? Here is a detailed guide on the best diet for Mini Pigs. So, without delay, let us check out these tips below.

Best Diet for Mini Pigs

best diet for mini Pigs

Commercial Pellets

Rather than making your own Pig Food, consider buying Commercial Pellets from Pet stores. These are filled with nutrients and also are in balanced quantity. These will help your Pigs have a balanced diet, filled with essential vitamins and minerals.

Feed them leafy veggies

Leafy veggies are extremely healthy for Mini Pigs. It gives them both Proteins and Fibres. Also, Leafy greens make sure that your Pigs are healthy and do not gain extra weight.

Do not feed Leftovers

Many owners make the grave mistake of feeding leftovers to their Mini pigs. This is a Big No. Although your Pig will eat all leftovers however, in the long run, this will affect their health and no one wants that stress!

Be careful about Canned Food

Canned Food is a big no when it comes to mini Pigs diet. You’ll be amazed by the amount of salt and sugar content in this canned food such as canned fruits, beans etc. High Salt can damage the urinary bladder of Pigs and cause Bladder stones. So, be careful not to feed them canned food.

Do not feed them Meat

best diet for mini Pigs

However, you already know that Pigs are omnivores and can digest almost anything, which they are able to chew down. Nevertheless, it is advised that you should not feed meat to Mini Pigs. Meats have viruses which can cause harm to your Pig. Also, they stay and breed in a Pig. So, be careful of Not feeding Meat to Pigs.

Feed Fruits as Treats

You should not feed raw fruits to Pigs. Also when you are feeding fruits, only give it to them as treats. Do not give Fruits with seeds to Pigs. Seeds are harmful for Pigs and affect their health.

So, this was a brief description of the best diet for mini Pigs. Mini Pigs Food should consist of Proteins and Fibres. Proteins help Pigs develop their Muscles and Fibres helps in preventing constipation in Pigs. Although Mini Pigs will actually eat anything they get, if you are Petting them, you must take care of what they eat and how useful or harmful it is.

best diet for mini Pigs