8 Facts about Australian Shepherd as pets you should know

Though their name suggests a hint of the country Australia, they do not originate from there. Originally belonging to the United States, Australian Shepherd as pets are the cutest furbabies you can adopt. Much like the intriguing details of their name, there is so much you can know about Australian Shepherd as pets. Their charming personality and loyalty has led them to be a popular dog breed among people. So if you are also under the influence of their lively persona, there are some points you should keep in mind before adopting an Australian Shepherd as pets. After talking to some owners and experts, we have listed some essential facts to help you have a better knowledge about your Australian Shepherd as pets. 

Facts to know your Australian Shepherd as pets better

Affectionate towards people: 

Australian Shepherd loves their owners like no one else. They are the happiest when they are with their family. For the same reason, people like being around them too. They will shower you with so much admiration that you won’t get your minds off them. 

Alone time is not for them: 

If you think that you can leave your Australian Shepherd alone, you are very wrong. First of all, they will make such an adorable face that you won’t be able to leave them. Second off, as mentioned in our previous point, they love their owners. Hence, alone time is not something they are looking forward. 

Kid-friendly dogs: 

Australian Shepherd as pets is the best breed of dog for your kids. They provide your kids the best kind of environment they need for growing up. They will play with your kids without hurting them, and they will cuddle them to sleep when tired. In other words, they can be the guardians for your kids. 

Shedding and Grooming needs: 

Australian Shepherd doesn’t shed too much or too little. At times you will experience them shedding too much, and at other times, none at all. Whatever the case is, they will require grooming. You don’t have to brush them daily, but twice a week would be best for their skin. 


Another quality you will experience with your Australian Shepherd as pets are their astonishing intelligence. From a very young age, they are able to pick up what’s right and wrong for them. You can train them at home without any formal schooling. 

It is because of their intelligence and their ability to learn that they make excellent service dogs. Though they love people, they can be guard dogs if you give them formal training. 

Ball of energy: 

It would be an understatement to say that Australian Shepherd has loads of energy in store. You have to give them enough exercise and playtime to keep their health in check. 

If you don’t give them enough time and attention, they can develop depression. 

Vibrant eyes: 

The most attractive physical feature of an Australian Shepherd is its eyes. Their eye color can vary from vibrant blue to honey brown. Some Australian Shepherd also has two different eye color or heterochromia iridium. 

Did you know people refer to Australian Shepherd as Aussies because of their cute personalities? Such is the popularity of these furbabies. So if you want to adopt an Australian Shepherd as pets, we are sure you will never be short of love.