An easy guide on how to care for your pet squirrel 

A pet Squirrel can change your life forever. But in order to keep them happy, you will need information on how to care for your pet squirrel. Unfortunately, many people think that squirrels eat walnuts and don’t care about humans. It’s essential for you to know how to care for your pet squirrel because sometimes you might not get an expert to care for them. So, if you want to know how to care for your pet squirrel, you have come to the right page. After taking in some advice from the experts, we present you with some FAQs and information that can help you take better care of your pet squirrel.  

Easy ways to care for your pet Squirrel

How long does a Squirrel live? 

If you take proper care of your squirrels, they can live up to a long span of 18-20 years. 

Is it okay to adopt a wild Squirrel? 

It’s absolutely okay to adopt a wild squirrel. However, squirrels will need more time adjusting to the environment. Kindly make sure the squirrel you are about to adopt; trusts you. Otherwise, they will miss their wild home outdoors. 

Can I keep my Squirrel with a dog at home?

If your dog is calm and friendly, you can keep a squirrel and a dog together. However, you have to keep an eye on them so that no one gets hurts. 

Easy ways to care for your pet Squirrel


Make sure your squirrel is safe from the other house or outdoor animals: 

Squirrels are fragile pets, and to care for your pet squirrel, you have to make sure they are safe from other animals. Other animals can pose a danger to your squirrel’s health because even a small scratch can hurt them. 

Pet-proof the home so that they don’t ingest something harmful:

 Squirrels are curious by nature. Hence when they are not in the cage, they will want to explore the house. While they are playing around in the room, make sure you pet-proof the entire room so that they don’t chew something that might be dangerous. 

Look out for them if you take them outside because birds can prey on them:

Wild squirrels fall prey to the hunting birds all the time, making the outdoors a dangerous place for your pet squirrel. However, squirrels might need fresh air once in a while, due to which you cannot totally avoid taking your squirrels for a walk. Hence, you have to be careful of their movement or take them out in a cage so that they don’t end up getting hurt. 

Kindly make sure what your squirrels are eating:

You can only feed your squirrels vegetarian food compromising of seeds, nuts, fruits, and veggies. But you have to make sure that they don’t munch on something that can get their stomach upset. Some squirrels might chew on grass, branches, and leaves that you should avoid at all cost, or else they might get sick. 

They can start harming themselves if they get bored: 

Entertainment is a must for squirrels, and toys can’t always stall them. You can purchase some toys for squirrels, but you also have to invest time with them and play with them. They will get bored with their toys if you are not around to witness the act. 

Caring for squirrels is not a Herculean task like claimed by many people. You will only need to understand their needs and develop a bond with them. Once your squirrels start trusting you, there’s no going back. Forget all the alone times you had, because these squirrels will bring life to your living.