Amazing Geckos to Own as Pets

Originally belonging to the family of lizards, these reptiles will increase your love for lizards. Geckos are one of the cutest reptiles you can get as a pet if you share an affection for lizards. So, if you want a pet gecko, we are here to help you. Presenting you some FAQs and types of geckos you can have as pets. 

How long do geckos live?

If you take care of your gecko and keep them healthy, they will live up to 15 to 18 years.

Why did the tail of my gecko detach?

Your gecko will detach its tail when they feel threatened. It’s a defense mechanism used by almost all the species of lizard, even geckos. You don’t have to worry about their tail, as it will grow back soon.

Can I keep two geckos together?

Yes, you can keep two geckos together, but make sure that they are of the opposite gender. If you are housing more than two, make sure that only one of them is male and the rest is female.

Will my gecko bite me?

The chances of your gecko biting you are rare. Geckos are one of the most peaceful reptiles, and they won’t bite you. However, even if they do, their bite won’t hurt you.

Can I let my gecko roam in my house?

You can let your gecko roam in your house, but make sure you pet-proof your room. Close all the windows, doors, and don’t leave charging cables or wires in the open.

Gecko behind a pumpkin

Choosing a Gecko as a Pet

  • Giant Day Gecko

Known for their iconic lively colors, a giant day gecko as a pet can brighten up your day. They look as if they are smiling for you that can cheer you up even at your lowest. You will enjoy their company as they are lively and active.

  • Leopard Geckos

They get their name from the black spot over their bright yellow or orange skin resembling a leopard. Leopard geckos as pets are gentle, calm, and trainable. They will never throw any tantrums and grow fond of their owners.

  • Frog-eyes Geckos

Originating from Asia, these cuties got their name because their eyes resemble the eyes of frogs. They don’t like being held and love their own space. They love being in their cage and will eat all types of insects you give them. So, if you want an anti-social gecko, frog-eyes geckos as pets are the right choice for you.

  • Crested Gecko

These babies are small and cute but don’t underestimate them because they are hardy as well. Crested gecko as pets is the best type if you want a gecko who can remain healthy even in harsh weather. If you live in a humid climate area, you won’t need to install a heater for these babies.

  • Ocelot Gecko

It’s amazing that people refer to the ocelot gecko with another name that is the big-headed gecko. Ocelot geckos as pets are great for people who are nocturnal and want their pet to be active during this hour. They are compatible with their owners and are easy to train.

Gecko collage with white gecko on top and a small yellow gecko crawling into palm in the bottom text in the center

So now that you know the geckos you can have as pets, we are sure you will soon have one at your home. Even though you have done your research on the internet, we suggest you talk to an expert before welcoming a gecko at your home. Nevertheless, if you are planning to bring a gecko as a pet, be prepared because they’re going to change your life for good.