All you need to know about keeping Clown Fish as pets

keeping Clown Fish as pets COLLAGE IMAGE

Can’t get enough of ‘Finding Nemo’? Then it’s your cue to get a Clownfish as a pet. Clownfishes are funny, clumsy, adorable, intelligent with a cute little fin, and above all, they are one of the easiest pet fish you can get! So, get ready to welcome your little buddy at your home as we bring to you all the information you need for keeping a clownfish as a pet.

Clown fish in a fish tank

Is it okay to own a Clownfish?

Yes, you can own a Clownfish not only because they are adorable but also because they are intelligent as well. A Clownfish can adapt to the environment quickly, and you don’t have to worry about their food as they can survive on dry flakes.

Can my Clownfish survive in a fishbowl?

The basic need of a clownfish is saltwater. If you place a Clownfish in a saltwater fishbowl, they can survive. However, it is considerably better if you keep them in a Saltwater Aquarium.

How many Clownfish should I keep together?

If you have a small fishbowl, don’t keep more than one Clownfish in it. But, if you have an aquarium that has a large space, you can have four or five Clownfish’ together.

Essential Tips and Tricks to bring home a clownfish as pets

Clown fish in a fish tank hiding between reefs

  • Before purchasing a Clownfish, keep the aquarium ready for their arrival

The Aquarium or the Tank you are planning to use as a home for your future pet Clownfish should be ready before their arrival. Clownfish needs warm water up to the temperature of a maximum of 78° Fahrenheit. Since Clownfish mainly live in oceans and seas, the water in the aquarium should be saline enough for them to survive as they will not be able to withstand freshwater.

  • Install a bunch load of toys which your fish can use as a hiding spot:

Clownfish live in deep ocean water and use the reefs to hide when necessary. So, to make your Clownfish feel comfortable, it is essential that you install toys or plants that they can use as a hideout spot when necessary.

  • Don’t buy too many Clownfish’ at once

One of the qualities of Clownfish is that they are territorial to their space and their home. So, to avoid aggressive behavior, keep four to five Clownfish’ together.

It is essential that you introduce all your Clownfish together to the aquarium or the tank. If you add them together, they will not act. However, if you add them to the aquarium at different timings, the first Clownfish to enter the aquarium will assert dominance over the others, and they might also get aggressive.

Clown fish in a fish tank

If you are introducing a new member fish in a tank full of Clownfish, add them to the tank gradually by letting your fish adjust.

  • Introduce your Clownfish to tank mates that would pose no harm to your new fish

If you want to mix other breeds of fish with clownfish, make sure they are compatible together and pose no harm to each other.

Fish species like Pygmy Angelfish, Basslets, Chromis damselfish can prove to be great clownfish tank mates. Avoid adding your Clownfish to a tank full of large fishes like Triggerfish, Lionfish, Grouper as they will pose a threat to your fish.

Make sure that you purchase your pet Clownfish from a breeder that has a good reputation in the business so that you don’t get fooled by anyone. Now that you have the basic idea of Clownfish as pets, we are sure that your home will soon have an adorable Clownfish. So, get ready to welcome your ‘Nemo’ home. 🙂