All you need to know about Chameleons as Pets

So, you have finished watching Tangled, and just like Rapunzel, you want a pet chameleon too. But do you have all it takes to keep a chameleon as a pet? People don’t usually have an affection towards chameleons, but if you are one of those who can’t resist getting excited to pet a chameleon, then you have come to the right place. We have bought some tips, tricks, and FAQs on how to keep chameleons as a pet. So, read on to find out the things you need for your pet chameleon.

All you need to know about Chameleons as Pets

Do Chameleons make good pets?

Chameleons are intelligent and interactive, which makes them a friendly pet. However, their requirements are different from that of other pets like dogs or cats. So, they can be laborious to handle if they are your first pets.

Will my pet Chameleon recognize me?

Though chameleons don’t show a lot of emotion, they do recognize their owners. They grow affectionate towards their owner and might also get possessive about them.

Are Chameleons dangerous?

If you pose no harm to a chameleon, they are usually calm and peaceful. Chameleons will show no signs of aggression towards their owners. But, if they feel threatened, they might bite, but you won’t have impairment in any way from their bitings.

Which type of Chameleons should I keep as a pet?

Panther Chameleons, Jackson Chameleon, and Oustalet Chameleon are the best type of pet chameleon you can own.

Tips and Tricks and all the information you need to keep chameleons as pets

All you need to know about Chameleons as Pets

Chameleons can change colors according to their emotions

Chameleons are fascinating creatures, and they can depict their emotions through their range of colors. So, if you are planning to bring home chameleon pets at home, you will need to know what all the chameleon skin color meaning:

  1. Green or Blue: Happy, comfortable, and relaxed
  2. Red or Brick color: Threatened
  3. Black, grey, or any dark color: Stressed out
  4. White strips in their original color: Angry

You will need a proper cage that can reflect their habitat

A cage is essential if you want to keep chameleon pets at home. The cage should be large enough for your pet chameleon to move around, play, eat, and sleep.

Chameleons usually live in trees, so the cage should have some natural and artificial tree branches for them to feel safe.

Foods you can feed your pet Chameleon

Your pet chameleon should have a nutritious diet in order to live long and healthy. You can feed your adult chameleon at least four times a day. Their diet can include:

  1. Insects: Their diet mostly includes living insects and worms that are rich in nutrition.
  2. Vegetables: Sometimes, you can feed your chameleons, cucumbers, and squash.

Install a chameleon misting system in your cage that will help your chameleon hydrate as they do not drink water from a bowl.

Your pet Chameleon will need sufficient sunlight to regulate their temperature

All you need to know about Chameleons as Pets

It is advisable if you take your pet chameleon to have a nice sunbath every day. Chameleons require sunlight to absorb heat and regulate their body temperature.

Your chameleon will need at least 7-8 hours of natural sunlight. Hence, keep their cage in a place where your pet chameleon can enjoy their daily dose of sunlight.

In short, chameleons might be cute, intelligent, and smart, but you will need to take proper care of them and work for their needs. Always remember to purchase a healthy chameleon from an expert breeder. Chameleons will require your attention, but with time, they will bond with you. So, we hope that by the end of this blog, you have decided to own a chameleon just like our Disney princess Rapunzel.