All about Bengal cats 

Did you ever want to have a wild cat who looks straight out of the jungle? Well, let us draw your attention to the dynamic Bengal cats! At first look, you might think they are baby leopards but no, these are cats you can actually keep in your house! But be careful, these kitties are for sure as fast as those leopards! 

But don’t worry! Bengal cats might look like feral creatures of the wild, but are really one of the easiest breeds to get along with. You just need to keep up with these energetic cats and we’ll tell you exactly how to do it! 

all about bengal cats

  1. They are actually not from Bengal 

You would think with a name like this, the Bengal cats would be the native of warm Bengal forests and distantly related to the Royal Bengal tigers, but no. They had their humble origins from the Asian leopard cats. In fact, the word ‘Bengal’ in their name comes from the scientific name of the Asian Leopard cats: ‘Felis bengalensis’. 

The birth of the first Bengal cat was actually an accidental one. It all started in the 1960s in California when a clueless owner’s Asian leopard cat and short-haired cat mated and gave birth to spotted cute kitties! These cats with spots like leopards were instantly a hit among the masses. There was no looking back from here and professional breeding of Bengal cats began. Today they are one of the most sought cat breeds in the world. 

  1. They resemble a leopard 

Compared to life-sized leopards, Bengal cats are of course way smaller. They also have bigger ears than a leopard. But these medium-sized cats have one thing in common with the Leopard of the forests: their spotted fur coating. 

Bengal cats have one of the most beautiful fur coats in the cat world. Their fur might look wild in appearance but it is smooth and silky to touch. And it just doesn’t stop there. Their thick pelt is marked with spots much like a Leopard’s. Their markings can be random or arranged in a pattern and come in a variety of color combinations.

And just to top things off, this magical fur coat actually shimmers in the light! Just place your Bengal cat in sunlight and watch in awe as the cat shines like the Sun! 

  1. They can be expensive 

Bengal cats are relatively a new breed, having come into existence only in the 1960s. But they are still some of the most expensive cats to buy.

There’s a good reason why they are called the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the cat world. One woman from the UK actually bought a Bengal cat for a grand total of $50,000! So you better get your wallet ready or get lucky and find it in a shelter home. But who’d want to give up these cute kitties to a shelter home! 

  1. They don’t meow 

This might be disappointing for some cat lovers. A cat’s meow is one of the cutest things about them! But don’t lose heart, as the kitties can happily bark at you when they welcome you home instead of meowing. Yes, you read that right! Bengal cats have a raspy sound that sounds like a bark. Something we assure is as cute as a meow!

  1. You need to keep up with them! 

Bengal cats have the looks and even the energy of a leopard! You need to be nimble on your toes if you want to keep up with these agile runners of the cat world. Bengal cats won’t be just satisfied with food and pets. You need to actively take out time from your daily schedule and play with them because you really don’t want to have a bored Bengal cat in your house. 

If you’re a person with an active lifestyle and want a cat that matches you, Bengal cats are the perfect companion for you. These cats are not just the perfect athletes but are also smart enough to learn any trick you want to teach them. You should definitely invest in a few goodies to make your Bengal cat feel at home. These options include (1)Cat toys; (2) puzzles for your smart Bengal cat; (3) a cat tree that your Bengal cat will love to climb. 

Not a day would go where you’re bored with these energetic kitties. Your Bengal cat will be your partner in crime during all your fun moments. And when it’s finally quiet time, they will also be down to cuddle in your lap while you relax after an exciting day with your Bengal cat. 

  1. They are friendly and chatty! 

all about bengal cats

Ask any owner of a Bengal what their highlight of the day is and they’ll tell you it is coming back home and talking with their cat. Bengal cats are talkative and would be up in your lap telling all about their day if given a chance. They are also empathetic and alert to their owners. So if you one day come home distressed from work, expect your Bengal cat to hop next to you and give you some bad day cuddles. 

Now that we’ve settled Bengal cats are devoted to their owners, what about family and guests? Bengal cats would shy away from mingling with your guests, but when it comes to family they are affectionate and playful. The kids of the house will love playing with your Bengal cat while you can peacefully go and do your daily chores. So whether you live on your own or have a family, the Bengal cat will be the perfect choice for a pet

  1. You’ll have no difficulty bathing them! 

There would be no chasing after your Bengal cat for a bath. All you need to do is fill up their bathtub and your Bengal cat will happily jump in the water themselves. You can even go ahead and buy a pet fountain to keep them happily occupied! 

Do keep in mind that this love of water also comes with its con. If you have an aquarium or a fishbowl, then you better keep it out of your Bengal cat’s reach. This will keep your fish safe and your floors clean! 

  1. Health 

Bengal cats owing to their active lifestyle and strong, muscular build are generally healthy. You don’t have to worry about your Bengal cat gaining too much weight as they will burn it off with their days running around. They are even naturally resistant to feline leukemia! But there are certain diseases that you do need to watch out for: 

  • Stomach problems 

Be careful that your Bengal cat doesn’t nibble on any plants! 

  • Ear infections 

Easily treatable if caught early.

  • Weight loss 

Make sure to give your Bengal cat a quality diet that supports their physical lifestyle.

Urinary conditions 

These conditions can range from pee crystals to urinary stones. 

  • Eye conditions 

Conjunctivitis is common in cats in general. Take your Bengal cat to a veterinarian immediately if their eyes are pink! 

In addition to physical conditions you also need to make sure Bengal cats are mentally happy. A bored Bengal cat can lead to behavioral challenges which will put out both your car and your home in distress. Remember, a happy cat is a happy life! And it’s very easy to make your Bengal cat happy! Just spend enough time with them and you’ll have a loyal pet who the whole family will love. 

  1. Care 

Besides attention and playtime, Bengal cats are surprisingly low-maintenance. They have basic care needs which you need to follow to keep them safe and healthy. ● Bengal cats are short-haired. That means you’ll have an easier time during their shedding. They also do most of their grooming themselves, but that doesn’t mean you can slack in the brushing department! Make sure to brush your Bengal cat a few times a week. You’ll definitely want their shiny fur to be beautiful all the time! ● Make sure to brush their teeth daily. Bengal cats especially have the habit of putting their mouth on everything so you should pay a little extra attention to their dental health. 

  • Keep your Bengal cat engaged. As we have stressed many times before, a bored Bengal cat would stress them and disrupt your whole household. 
  • Give your Bengal cat a healthy diet that will keep up with its energy requirements. Make sure your Bengal cat is well-fed to avoid any weight loss! 
  • Bengal cats are healthy cats but that is not a reason to not go to the veterinarian for regular health check-ups. Make sure to take your Bengal cat once a month to a vet for their health analysis. 

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Bengal cats might not be the royalty of the cat world but they definitely are one of the fanciest cat breeds. They will be the center of attention wherever you’ll take them. If you want a cat who will be both your partner in crime and a best friend, the Bengal cats are the choice for you!