7 Facts about Afghan Hounds as pets you will be amazed to know

Hair so long, silky, and smooth that it could make you feel jealous. Afghan Hounds as pets has sophisticated model vibes. If you always wanted to adopt a dog as a pet but don’t want to deal with them getting dirty all the time, it is your cue to get the Afghan Hound as a pet. Originating from Afganistan, Afghan Hounds are one of the oldest dog species in the world. If you have been scrolling past your social media handles and like all the pictures of an Afghan Hound, we have got you covered. We have listed some astounding facts about Afghan Hounds as pets for all the pet lovers clearly in love with them. 

Facts about Afghan Hounds as pets that will make you want to adopt them: 

More hair, less shedding: 

It’s no surprise that Afghan Hounds have long, silky hair. However, many people have the misconception that long hair means more shedding. To your relief, we would like to inform you that Afghan Hounds have low shedding. Obviously, you will have to groom your dogs regularly, but you won’t find doggy hair everywhere. 

They own their beauty: 

Unlike other dogs, you won’t find an Afghan Hound playing in mud or getting dirty. They like to keep themselves clean and tidy. They love playing with their owners, but you will rarely find them dirtying themselves. 

Weekly bathing and grooming: 

One of the things to keep in mind while adopting Afghan Hounds as pets is their grooming needs. You have to give weekly baths to your Afghan Hound to avoid any infection or fleas. Since they have long hair, you have to groom them to keep their skin healthy.

Adjustment issues: 

One of the things faced by Afghan Hounds as pets is their issues regarding adjustment. You have to help your puppy adjust to the new environment. Moreover, if someone abandons them, they won’t trust someone immediately. So make sure that when you are adopting Afghan Hounds as pets, you are committing to them. 

Summer Trimming:

An Afghan Hound’s long hair might become troublesome for them during the summer season. So to ease them, you have to trim their hair. But don’t worry, by the time its winter, they will grow right back.

  • Anxiety problems: 

Afghan Hounds as pets can get uneasy over loud noise around them. If you have construction work or something is louder than usual, it can make your dog anxious. Kindly make sure you know how to deal with anxiety in dogs, and give them mental stimulation when needed. 

  • Silently intelligent: 

If you want a pet that doesn’t bark a lot, Afghan Hounds as pets are the perfect one for you. They are intelligent, silent, and gentle around people. You will be surprised to see so much grace in a hound dog, but what can we say; Afghan Hounds are a treasure of surprises. 

Afghan Hounds as pets are every pet owner’s dream. They are smart, gorgeous, charismatic, and they have the charm to influence people. So, if you plan to get an Afghan Hound, don’t be jealous if they get all the limelight.