A Detailed Guide to Pet Proofing Your Home

Are you planning to have a Pet in your home for the first time? If so, then before you get a pet, you need to make your home safe for your new Pet. Pet animals come from a different environment and need to feel safe in your home. Unless they feel safe in your home, they will not bond with you. However, this might take a while, meanwhile, you need to Pet-Proof your home.

Pet Proofing Your Home is essential because Pets – especially Cats and Dogs are curious about everything, in a new environment. Making home Pet safe means letting your Pet’s curiosity alive while also making sure that they do not get hurt or traumatized in any form in the first few days. So, here is a detailed guide to Pet Proofing your home, which you might want to take a look at before you get a new Pet.

Pet Proofing Your Home

Pet Proofing Your Home

How to Pet-Proof your Living Room

Living Rooms is the place where we spend some family time. Chances are your kitty will also want to spend time with all here. However, she will be curious about everything in the room. From the Television set to the flower vases. So, here are some steps you must follow.

  • Keep unbreakable flower vases. Do not keep glass flower vases.
  • Remove any decorative Knick Knacks from the room
  • Remove hanging planters from the room, which your Kitty might find interesting to hold on to.
  • Remove dangling wires of TV
  • Remove anything expensive or keep it behind a closed glass showcase.
  • Cover your Couch with a sheet, so that your Cat doesn’t scratch the couch
  • If you have indoor plants then make sure that they are Pet-friendly or else you might want to remove them.

How to Pet-Proof your Bedroom

  • Make sure that your kitten doesn’t get stuck below the bed.
  • I think, it’s always safe to fluff your Duvets and Pillows before you hit the bed, because chances are your Kitty might be tucked in the corner of the bed.
  • Keep medicines and cosmetic products in a closed drawer.
  • Keep sharp objects in closed drawers.
  • Check your closet that our Kitty is not stuck there.
  • If you are not charging your Phones, keep away the charger.
  • Keep your Laundry and your shoes in their proper cupboards are most of the time Kittens find respite in shoe strings or inside your shoes! Even fresh Laundry is their favorite spot.

How to Pet-Proof Your Bathroom

  • Before you use your Washing Machine or Dryer, make sure that your kitty is not there or check if any tail or Paw is sticking out from any corner.
  • Keep the Toilet seat covered at all times as Kittens fall into it and drink unhealthy chemicals and water.
  • You might want to use Childproof latches, as this will prevent them from opening your drawers and cabinets.

How to Pet-Proof your Kitchen

  • Cats love Kitchen countertops. So, make sure they keep away from it as it is very dangerous.
  • You can keep away any other chairs or stools around the kitchen which they might use to jump on the countertops.
  • Keep sharp objects out of reach in latched drawers.
  • Keep your counter clean or else the leftover bits might be inviting your Kitty there.

How to Pet-Proof Your Garage

  • Cats tend to hide under the car or in the Engine for warmth. So, be careful to bang on your car before you start it.
  • Keep sharp tools that you use to mend your car out of reach in closed boxes.
  • You must clean the anti-freeze from the garage floor as your Cat might lick it and it can be poisonous for her.

So, this was a detailed guide on Pet Proofing your home. Most people get a Pet but forget to make their home safe for their new family member. You need to love and care for your pet and also make sure they are out of danger and this can be only done by making home Pet safe. Hope you found this article helpful!