A Brief Guide to Raise Pigs for Beginners

Pigs are the most farmed animals. And farming Pigs is incredibly profitable too. Are you a beginner at raining Pigs. Then you have come to the right place. Here is a brief guide to Raise Pigs for Beginners, which you will find especially helpful. Pigs need a lot of care and maintaining them can cost you a lot. However, at the end of the day, they are a profitable farming option and it’s also fun. So, without delay let us check out some quick tips on Raising Pigs.

Guide to raising pigs

Guide To Raise Pigs

Consider a Cage or a Big Pen to house them

Pigs need space. You can get a cage, however, getting the Manure out fo the cage can be difficult. You could also make a Barn or farm Pigs in a field with lots of open space. However, make sure that the fences are tight and strong. You should also add a layer of barbed wire over the wooden Pen for protection because your Pig will dig and try to get out and the wires will discourage this behaviour.

Get young Piglets to Farm

You can get a Mother Pig to farm. However, adults are difficult to handle and when they are with their kids, they become especially ferocious and can hurt you if you go near her kids. Also, the kids are difficult to handle once they are with their mother. If you get Young Piglets, you can feed them with Baby drinking bottle or mash Pig’s food with water and give it to them. Nevertheless, it’ll be much easier than caring for a Mother Pig.

Protect them from extreme temperatures

Pigs are sensitive to extreme temperatures. So, you should protect them from getting Sunburn or from Cold and frosty winds. You can keep their barn protected and keep the barn door especially sealed. Many times, Pigs gets stressed and try to run away. You should have a strong door.

Provide Mud Wallows to Your Pig

Mud is actually helpful for Pigs. During the hot summer months, they find it very relaxing on the cold Mud. You should water the Mud Wallow every day. Pigs love it. Also, Mud tends to keep lice away from Pigs.

Find a way to Control the Flies around the Pigs

Flies are an extremely common concern with Pigs. So, to remove flies you could use Gypsum or Garden Lime to cover all the urine spots of your pigs. This will control the odour and also keep flies away.

Feed then Water regularly

Pigs need a lot of water. You need to make sure that your Pig drinks up to 5-10 Litres of Water Per day. This will make sure that they have great skin and a good and healthy body.

Only sell then after they reach the weight

Many times owners sell the Pigs before they reach 250 Pounds weight. So, wait and give them a proper diet. You can give Corn-based diet for especially healthy Pigs and finally sell them when they are ready.

So, this was a quick guide to Raise Pigs. Raising pigs for Farming or for Petting purpose is especially fun. Hope you found this article helpful.