A beginners Guide to Care for your Pet Gecko

These cuties will bark to communicate, are entertaining, and love their owners. We are not talking about dogs, but cute little reptiles, geckos. Here is a beginner’s guide to caring for your pet Gecko. Do you know about these Amazing Geckos to Own as Pets

With lizards as ancestors, Geckos are renowned for their vocal skills and their beautiful skin. Geckos as pets are gentle towards their owner and rarely cause any trouble. If you find these babies adorable, then you have come to the right page. We bring you some FAQs and facts about how to care for geckos as pets. So, read on before you welcome a gecko at your humble home.

Do geckos make noise?

Geckos are able to communicate via their vocals. So you may hear them making noises like clicks, barks, and chirps. However, their noise won’t trouble your ears.

Are geckos good pets?

Geckos are intelligent, gentle, and love their owners. Geckos make excellent pets for their owners. You won’t have any trouble caring for a gecko as a pet.

Are geckos good with children?

Yes, Geckos are known for their friendly nature and gentle behavior. They will be good with your children, and your children won’t have a hard time handling the geckos.

Why do Geckos lick you?

Geckos will lick their owners to recognize them. They also lick their owners because they grow fond of their owners.

Yellow gecko on a finger against a black background

Things to know about Geckos as pets

  • Geckos need nutritious insects as food

Geckos are not picky about their food, but it is advisable to feed them only living insects. Live insects are essential for your gecko’s diet and their energy consumption. You have to make sure that the insects you feed your geckos are not infected.

  • To house your gecko, you will need a vivarium

Geckos will need a vivarium as they require a controlled environment. They originally belong to a hot and humid climate and will need a hot temperature to survive.

  • Geckos can dislocate their tail

Same as lizards, a gecko can also detach its tail when it feels under threat. So, you will have to be careful while handling them. No matter what happens, please do not hold a gecko by its tail. They will panic and detach their tail if you do so.

  • Install heaters in the vivarium

Geckos need a warm environment for survival. So, if you bring home a geck, make sure you purchase a heater beforehand. Heaters for vivarium will help to control the temperature fluctuations. A gecko vivarium temperature should be around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius maximum.

Yellow gecko sitting in a palm

  • You can keep two geckos together, but make sure they are either of the opposite gender or females

Unlike other reptiles, you can keep two or more geckos together. The reason being that geckos are social reptiles and are friendly with each other, except for two or more males. If you can handle more than one gecko, then you can keep them together. However, if you notice that one of the geckoes is unwell, separate them from the group and feed them separately.

Collage of gecko as pet

So now that you know how to care for a gecko, we are sure that you are preparing yourself to get one. Geckos are cute, they are small, and they are calm while you hold them! Once you master the art of caring for a gecko, we are sure that you and your pet reptile will soon have some cute photos together. Oh yes, Geckos love taking pictures too! So, what are you waiting for? Your pet gecko is waiting for you!