5 Pet Snakes you can own as a Beginner

Pet snakes can be an incredible companion to you, even if you are a beginner. We know you share a love for snakes, but picking one breed of the snake as pets can be a tedious task. So, if you are having trouble picking one, and if your mind is flooding with the cuteness of these amazing reptiles, don’t worry because we will help you select one. Dive in and read below some FAQs and pet snakes you can own.

Is it dangerous to own a snake?

5 Pet Snakes you can own as a beginner

It is not dangerous to own a snake. A domestic snake is harmless and won’t affect your life even if it bites you.

Can I leave my pet snake alone?

It is advisable not to leave your pet snake alone for more than eight hours. If you are leaving the town, then we suggest you invite a friend to look over your pet snake.

Is it safe to own a snake if I have children?

Snakes are great pets, but they require proper handling. If your kid is not handling the snake properly, your pet might get scared and try to escape.

Pet snakes you can own as a beginner

5 Pet Snakes you can own as a beginner

  • Ball Pythons

Originating from Africa, ball pythons are small, cute, and adorable. Ball Pythons are friendly with their owners and rarely get threatened even if there is a mistake while handling. They will grow up to 4 feet that makes them easy to handle.

  • Corn Snake

Known for their charming skin colors, a corn snake is one of the best pet snakes you can own. They will accept the same kind of food again and again, which means they will throw fewer tantrums than a baby. Corn snakes as pets are gentle, peaceful, and quiet. As babies, they are only2 feet tall and will grow up to 5 feet, making them adorable and easy to handle.

  • Garter snake

If you want a cute little snake, then meet these babies. Garter snakes as pets are active and can be a great companion if you love to see them on the go. Garter snakes will grow up to 3 feet, and they are slim that makes it super easy for the owner to handle. If you don’t know how to handle a snake, then Garter snake can be the perfect pet for you.

  • Children’s Python

If you have kids and want to adopt a snake, then Children’s python is your best catch. They are lazy, and they won’t fiddle much while handling. They won’t pose any harm to the children even if the kids try to hold them. Children’s Python is actually fond of children and would protect them if there is any harm.

  • Kenyan sand boa

Kenyan sand boas are the safest snake you can own. They don’t even bite their prey, let alone the owners. You won’t need to feed them daily, so you won’t need to stress out about their food. They are easy to handle and appear to enjoy handling sometimes.

These five snakes are perfect for any snake parent who doesn’t know how to handle a snake as a pet. They are gentle with their owner and won’t pose any threat to you. And best of all, you will have a fun time while caring for these babies. None of them will seem like a burden as these snakes don’t throw any tantrums. We hope that this helped you to choose the perfect snake as a pet. We are sure that you are going to have some fascinating times together.