3 Effective Ways to Ease Anxiety in Cats

Anxiety in Cats is a big problem that every Cat owner should know how to handle. As a pet parent, it can become a bit stressful seeing your fur baby in a state of anxiety, and we know that you want to give them all the comfort in the world. However, you can’t just reach out and cuddle them out of nowhere as you need to understand proper ways to deal with Cat anxiety.

So, worry not, we bring you some expert tips on how to deal with an anxious Cat for your pet to feel safe around the house. Also, read these tips on becoming a wonderful Cat Parent.

Cat hiding in a bag

Is my Cat anxious? What are some signs to indicate that my Cat is suffering from Anxiety?

There are some of the signs you should look for:

  1. Your Cat is hiding to avoid people or even you.
  2. A sudden decrease in overall energy.
  3. An unexpected difference in weight.
  4. Following the family members or you everywhere around your home.

If you notice these signs, then it means your Cat is Anxious.

Why is my Cat so anxious all of a sudden?

If your Cat is not usually anxious but is showing some tendencies of anxiety, then they might be suffering through old age, illness, or pain.

Sometimes a cat can also get anxious when you bring in a new pet or a child or move-in to a new place.

Can I use Catnips to help my Cat with anxiety?

Cats love playing with Catnips. So, you can use them to help your Cat only if they are willing to play. If they don’t want to play, do not force them to do so.

Simple Ways to Help You deal with Anxiety in Cats

Anxiety in cats

Give your Cat their own space instead of keeping them against their wish:

If your cat is anxious, they will need a hideout place to feel secure. Let your Cat have their time and escape to the hideout for a little while.

Comforting your Cat against their consent will only result in more anxiety. So, it’s better to let your cat have their time. Your cat will automatically come to you after a while.

Use Catnips to treat your cat’s anxiety naturally:

You can play with your cats using catnip as it will distract them and make them feel comfortable. You can also use other natural remedies to deal with cat anxiety, like aromatherapy using lavenders.

Lavender can calm down your anxious cat and reduce the symptoms of anxiety eventually.

Stick to a specific routine if your Cat is dealing with separation anxiety:

A cat can suffer from separation anxiety for various reasons like the death of a previous owner or a family member, adoption, or moving into a new place.

White cat peeping out of his home

In order to deal with Cat separation anxiety, it is advisable to maintain and stick to a specific routine. If possible, follow a routine that your cat is familiar with before.

These are some initial steps that you can use to ease down anxiety in cats. If you notice that your cat is even more anxious than before, then it might be some serious health condition that should require veterinary care. Even after diagnosis, you can follow these steps to ensure their comfort.